December Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

Christmas time’s a-comin’ … Christmas time’s a-comin’ … CHRISTMAS TIME IS ALREADY HERE! According to retailers, Christmas time was here the moment that Halloween ended. Thanksgiving was just a mere mention on the breath of most merchants. I am so thankful that it was more important to the members of the Iola community and IMBC. But now we must focus our attentions on the coming Christmas season.

Christmas is the win when we recognize the Messiah’s birth on earth and how God’s love was manifested through His only Son. Without the birth of Jesus, we would have had no High Priest that understands the trials and temptations that we face each day. But our Lord was human while on this earth and faced the same challenges that we face. He was able to withstand the intriguing draw of those tests and thus provided for us a perfect substitute for the sins we commit when we slip and fall.

We do not worship the Baby Jesus but we acknowledge His glorious birth and the fulfillment of age-old prophecies concerning our savior. It is at this time of the year that we should be thankful for God’s love and Jesus’ willingness to be a part of the answer for our salvation. I pray that God blesses each of you during Christmas time with all of His grace that you can handle. Merry Christmas!

Praying Always, With All the Love in My Heart,

Brother Doug

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