How God Answers Prayer

Dear Church Family,
I wanted to send out a follow-up encouragement to all of us – I felt the response to God’s Word yesterday was particularly strong. It is exciting to see how God is growing so many of us through the truthfulness of His Word.
I’m praying that each of us will lean into these four truths that we shared yesterday about prayer, how it works, and how God honors the prayers of His people.
Identify exactly where is it that God is growing you in prayer. Here are those truths again …
Be willing to let God answer in His TIME. His timing is always perfect, but He doesn’t get in a hurry.
Be willing to let God answer in His WAY. His ways are higher and bigger than our ways.
Be willing to let God answer in His POWER. He is truly able to answer in ways that are exceedingly beyond anything that we can imagine asking Him for.
Be willing to let God answer according to His PURPOSE. Remember there are two purposes for God’s answer to our prayers: To grow us and to get glory for Himself!!
“Lord, help us to be patient. Help us to remember that faith always involves waiting on You with confidence that You will act in Your time, in Your ways, in Your power, and for Your glory. We love you, Lord.”
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim