The Journey – Week 10 – Session 1

As a stunt man for Universal Studios, Michael Brady specialized in skydiving. During a filming session, Michael was preparing to parachute onto the top of a moving train when he slipped and fell from a high elevation. He struck his head on landing and died instantly.
Michael’s body was taken to the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, where his heart was removed and transplanted into the body of another man, Bill Wohl, who had suffered heart failure more than five months earlier.
Six months and one day after receiving his new heart, Bill Wohl opened a letter from Michael Brady’s family, which included a picture of Michael and some background information. Bill was shocked to learn he had been given the heart of a 35-year-old Hollywood stuntman. “I looked at this incredibly good-looking, super-fit, super-athletic guy,” Bill said, “And I thought: Are you kidding me? That’s whose heart I’ve got?”
Before his heart transplant, Bill Wohl had been a Type A, overweight, money-obsessed businessman pursuing a jet-setter lifestyle. Today he works part time, spending most of his new-found energy winning speed and performance medals in swimming, cycling, and track.
Bill speaks passionately about the blessing he has received – “Every day, all day, I thank God for Michael Brady. When I ride, when I work out – the biggest thing is to honor him.”
Bill Wohl was dramatically changed by a new heart!
You and I have received a new heart as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We have been given the heart of Jesus Christ. We are in the process of being transformed from the inside out. When Christ’s heart beats in your chest, you will live to honor Him each day, and you will share His passion to take the Story of His death and resurrection to the world.
What are the biggest changes you have experienced in your time as a follower of Jesus?
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim