The Journey – Week 11 – Session 1

Jesus is worthy following because there is no like Him!!
Most people have heard of Him. Most people have an opinion of Him. To the question, “Who is Jesus?”, you will likely get a variety of answers and reactions.
The fact is, no one else has changed history and affected our culture more than Jesus. More books have been written about Him, more music composed for Him, more art reflecting Him, more architecture and buildings designed for Him, and more organizations and foundations created in His name than for any other person.
He changed history. In the name of Jesus, hospitals and orphanages have been built, the care for the elderly and homeless has been emphasized, and organizations for the hungry and needy have been created. Churches have been established in His name on every continent in the world. All this for a Man who never wrote a book, never attended a university, never ran for office, never led a company, and lived 2,000 years ago.
The question remains, “Who is Jesus?”
Was He simply a Jewish carpenter turned preacher? Was He a political zealot? Was He a false teacher who deceived the people? Was He a misguided miracle worker? Was He a lunatic with a death wish? Was He a spiritual guru or teacher? Was He one among many or was He one of a kind? At the end of the day, everyone must answer the question, “Who is Jesus?”
Read John 1:35-51. And notice all the different names (or titles) given to Jesus. Why do you think there are so many?
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim