The Journey – Week 13 – Session 3

A 3-D object is fully formed. It’s not a flat, one-dimensional image or even two-dimensional with only length and width. It’s fully formed with length, width, and depth, and usually lifelike.
Jesus never called for some kind of one-dimensional, shallow commitment or lip service. He was looking for fully devoted followers. So let’s use three D’s to define a true disciple of Jesus. A true disciple is …
*Devoted to Jesus* – Jesus’ favorite invitation was simply, “Follow Me.” What does it mean to follow Him? For starters, it means to be in love with Him. It means to be devoted to Jesus by placing your trust and faith in Him to save you.
*Developing the attitudes and priorities of Jesus – *Jesus always sees the potential in us, and it does take time to develop us into trained followers. This is a life-long process of identifying the attitudes and priorities of Jesus and pursuing them. This is why daily time with the words of Jesus is absolutely crucial to our development.
*Deployed to make disciples who in turn make disciples* – No longer were the original disciples going to settle for just fishing – now they were going to fish for people. This should happen to us also. Are we captivated by a greater vision of using our time and resources to multiplying disciples who are willing to take the message of Jesus to wherever He calls us?
A disciple is a person who is devoted to Jesus, developing the character/priorities of Jesus, and deployed to make disciples who in turn make disciples.
In which of these areas have you experienced consistent spiritual growth? In which of these areas do you still need to grow?
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim