April’s Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

Wasn’t Easter Sunday great?  If you were unable to be at our Easter services, let me tell you God blessed.  We have about 70 in Sunday School, then we think by approximate head counts that God blessed us with 182 people in the worship service.  The sanctuary was full.  We were able to see family members that are usually not able to be here and enjoyed the privilege.  The children were treated to an egg hunt around the church and everyone seemed to have a good time in the Spirit of the Lord.

Wouldn’t it be great if every Sunday was the same way?  But sometimes we bring things to the services that keep us from really honoring God.  We allow Satan to slip in with attitudes and emotions that prevent us from truly enjoying His presence.  Let us be mindful of the Evil One and his bag of tricks as he tries to devour the work that is done by so many of you at Iola Missionary Baptist Church (1 Peter 5:8-9).  With more and more activities geared toward reaching out to this community, Satan is feeling threatened by us.  Keep praying for one another and seeking God’s will and we will be blessed with many more Sundays like this past Easter.

Praying for You Always,

Bro. Doug

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