April’s Message from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

Praise God from who all blessings flow! I have been truly blessed this month by the trip to the Philippines. The mission team went to Negros Province to hold pastor’s conferences, speak at seminaries and Bible colleges, and preach at churches per invitation. We held six conferences, spoke in and met with four Bible colleges, and preached in seven different churches.

Some of the conferences where held in churches, one at a seminary, one in a basement below and agricultural supply store, and one in a conference hall above a store and elementary school. Every bit of space is utilized because of the large population of people in such a small area. But the time was uplifting, the people were gracious, and the food was quite good, and the pastors were praising God for the messages that were brought by the team. We were introduced to a different culture and enjoyed the experience. God protected us and kept us safe and I give Him honor and praise for all He has done.

Thank you to Tommy, Mitchell, and Clint for preaching in my absence. Thank you to Ms. Vivian for doing what she has done so ably for the past 35+ years – managing the church office. I praise God for IMBC and give thanks to Him for the teachers and church members that continue to make it God’s Church.

I also praise God for my wife, who was so gracious and encouraging while I was away. A month away from the love of your life can be difficult but she lifted my spirits when I was homesick and gave me the ability to finish the task that God had for me.

How about that attendance for Easter Sunday? It was so inspiring to see the sanctuary loaded with people who stayed even through the A/C problems. I want to thank the engineers who stepped up and found the problem and restored the cool air to our gathering. We should be okay for next Sunday, so do not forget to invite your friends and neighbors to God’s House each week. I pray that each of you receives God’s richest blessings in your life.

Praying Always,

Brother Doug

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