August Letter From the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

Can you believe that it is August and summer is almost over? Students have already begun the process of returning to school. With the band and athletic teams starting to have practices, it will not be long before we see the buses running their routes picking up and delivering kids to and from the school. So be in prayer for each student, teacher, parent, and employee of the school as the new school year begins.

Our pre-teen children will be going to camp on Austust 7, so be in prayer for Jon and Tracey Cruz and JoLyn Habey as they transport and lead our youngesters at camp. Camp is always a wonderful experience and God has chosen to bless us with several decisions over the past years. These decisions have led to committed Christians as they have grown and matured in later years.

We will be baptizing some teenagers in the next few weeks and it is such a blessing to see how God is working among our youth. Gos is using Matt and Peggy, and Munroe, and the youth leaders in some very impressive ways. Please keep them in your prayers and isn’t it a blessing to see these young people in our congregation?

Also, do not forget to pray for our younger children and their leaders. Children’s church has been a blessing to the church worship experience but it is hard work for the teachers. The nursery is in need of volunteers so pray and ask God if this could be an area of service for you. Contact the office, Deena McClure, or Leslie Rice if you are led by the Spirit to help out. Thank you again for your commitment to Iola Missionary and your support and love to Lisa and I.

Praying Always,

Brother Doug

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