August Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

Summer is fading and thoughts are turning to a new school year.  Students and teachers are looking at chances to be different this year.  They are looking to be new and improved from the past.  The start of a new school year brings these opportunities to everyone involved in the school business.  But let’s ask the question, "What about church life?"  Shouldn’t we want to improve upon it also?

We have voted as a church, in business session, to go to a blended worship service.  This involves mixing traditional hymns with contemporary praise songs.  We are trying to do this and there seems to be no blueprint to how it is done.  Different churches have done it in different ways.  We are searching for what is best for our congregation.  We ask that you might be patient with our attempts during this learning process.  Materials are being ordered and evaluations are being made as to what is good and what is not and we will get better with each attempt.  So I seek your prayers and understanding as we tread unfamiliar ground.

This illustration was given to me recently and I share it with you now.  My friend noticed a pen of goats and their master had opened the gate of the pen to allow them to wander, at their leisure, out of their confines.  Those goats did not even try to wander out even though there was plenty of grass outside.  One goat eventually made it to the opened gate and stuck his head and shoulders out but when a dog barked, he turned and ran back into the barren pen.  Many of us, as Christians, are the same as the goats.  When we have an open field of opportunity, we stay in our comfort zone and never venture out because of the threat of difficulty.  WWJD?

Praying Always,

Brother Doug

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