January’s Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

As we start another year, we know that it is time to reflect upon the past year and seek ways to improve our actions and deeds for 2013. While I was in the process of reflection the other day, my mind began to think about the word reflection. From there I thought about the gym at Iola High School and about when I started coaching there. It was hard to coach in that gym because the sound of your coice would reflect off everything inside. When sound reflects too much then it begins to cancel itself out. Players could not understand much of what was said if the coach was too far away. Sound boards were installed to help but time and gravity took its toll and the sound boards began to fall from the wall. They were not the answer to the problem. So in order to help, a company was called in to spray the ceiling of the gym. That helped but to make sure that the best sound possible was attained, borders were mounted up on the wall about 3/4 up. The material was then sprayed between these borders and is still there today.

Our Christian lives are much like that gym. How we live reflects off of everything we do. Sometimes we send out so many reflections that they begin to cancel the sound of our testimony. We try many things to help but they are not the answer. We need something to absorb the excess reflection and present a true tone for our testimony. These sound absorbers are God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the church, Christian friends, good works, and love.

So, for 2013, let us seek to use the sound boards that God has given us by His grace and allow the world to see and hear the true message of Christ.

Praying always,

Brother Doug

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