Jesus Taking Us Beyond The Sun

Dear Church Family,
God is so very, very good! Sunday morning was amazing in what God revealed to us from Ecclesiastes, chapter 1. Let me recount just where it was that God spoke clearly to me …
The only thing that is truly meaningful in this life on earth is the development and growth of a sixth sense called FAITH – FAITH being defined as an active, working, obeying, and following after Jesus Christ. This FAITH has the power to take me beyond the sun, beyond this earth – and beyond all the circular silliness that I experience here on this earth.
FAITH in Jesus Christ gives me the ability to know and see what is beyond this earth. Wow! This is what I most desperately need, and Jesus makes this possible!! Amazing!!
Praise Him today for the fact that into our circular silliness, Someone from beyond the sun came and broke into this world and brought into this world REAL MEANING AND PURPOSE. That Someone is Jesus! And it is only Jesus!!!
Today and this week – get connected to Jesus. In Jesus, there is real life! He promised that He came to bring life and life abundantly. Let’s put Him at the center of our very existence, because if we will put Jesus there, all the other things “under the sun” take on a brand new meaning.
Amen and Amen!!!!
Don’t miss this coming Sunday morning, as we continue through the book of Ecclesiastes. From chapter 2, I will preach on “Filling the Groove With the Eternal.”
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim