March Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

My how time seems to fly! It is now March and I am in the final stages of preparations for the trip to the Philippines. The schedule is full and the time will be furiously spent in conferences, preaching, and traveling to the next conference.  I seek your prayers for this trip and its success in fulfilling the desires of God.  Michael and Tami Murphy, Rene and Madz, and I will be on the go much of the time there.

One of my concerns for the trip stems from the unrest in Korea.  As I have shared with the church, one of our layovers is in Seoul, South Korea.  Because of the North Korean situation being the turmoil, I ask that you as a church family pray for the safety of all travelers through that area.  I also ask that you pray for each of the six conferences that Michael and I will be participating in and pray that God sends plenty of ministers to each one. 

Don’t forget to pray for things here and home and for Tommy, Client, and Mitchell as they will be leading the services for the three Sundays that I am away.  Make sure to make every effort to be in the services to show your support for them as they speak the message of the Lord and provide spiritual leadership for God’s church at Iola Missionary.  And remember to call upon the deacons if any matters arise that require assistance from the church.

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for helping it to be possible.

Praying Always,

Brother Doug

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