May’s Message from our Pastor

Here it is May, already! Things are moving quite fast these days, aren’t they? School is winding to a close and all the year-end activities for the students are piling up. Teachers, students, and parents are wondering how they are going to make the next scholarship deadline, banquet or athletic event. It seems that we are in constant motion. At these times, we have but one thought and that is, “When will it be over?” This is how it is in life. We are extremely busy with all the activities and deadlines of everyday existence and we begin to wonder when it will all end.

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has promised in John 14:2-3 to come back to get us someday so that we can be with Him in Heaven. Until then, we must do as it tells us to do in Psalm 46:11 – “Be still and know that He is God.” We must make ourselves allow God to give us the peace that passes understanding so that we will trust Him to help us weather the storms of busy-ness in our lives. May God bless each of you with calm during these times.

Praying for You Always,

Doug Jones

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