Couples Class

John and Tracey Cruz are teaching a new Sunday School class for couples - come and check it out! (I finally had a chance to sit in today - highly recommended for the younger crowd!)

Attention Widows

If you are a widowed member of Iola Missionary Baptist Church or know one that has a need, the deacons and men of the church might be able to provide help.  Please contact the church office at 394-2701 for assistance.

Journey Through 2008

As we have just started out trip in life on Highway 2008 it would be a good time for use to have a SPIRITUAL TUNE-UP: ADJUST YOUR LIGHTS so others may see your good works and glorify your Heavenly Father. SET YOUR TIMING so as to be on God's [Read more...]

Operation Christmas Child

Please remember that boxes are due in on November 11th! Your gift means more to a child in a less fortunate country than you can imagine. Please participate and help spread the love of Christ around the world!

Sunday, November 4th

In addition to the regular services we will be having the following church committee meetings: Nursery committee meeting after morning service Children's committee meeting before choir practice - 4:00 PM

Wednesday, October 31th

Halloween Night!!! The youth will be going Reverse Trick or Treating. Contact Matt Carey for more details. The children will be given glo necklaces and treats at the church.  Any donations you can make would be greatly appreciated!  [Read more...]