New Sermon Series for New Year

Dear Church Family,
The next few weeks I will be developing the topic of “What Are You Fighting For?” on Sunday mornings.
We have to fight for the very best things God has purposed for us, particularly the most significant relationships in our life.
Therefore, tomorrow morning we will be preaching on “Fighting for a God-Honoring Marriage”.
I’ll be teaching on the reasons that God created marriage and the different seasons that a marriage will go through.
Among other things, we will learn how marriage, like no other relationship, reveals our true character and where it is that God wants to go to work on us.
If you are married or thinking about getting married, you won’t want to miss Sunday morning.
In the coming weeks, we will teach on our relationship with family, with friends, and with the Lord Himself. We must be willing to fight for these relationships, and the good news is that God, in His Word, tells us how.
Join us for Bible study in the book of Acts at 9:45 am. Worship at 11:00 am.
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim