November 2013’s Letter From the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

Lisa and I were traveling late Sunday night when she remarked, “And Halloween was only three days ago!”  We had just passed a place that already had Christmas decorations out.  It is so sad that Thanksgiving is the holiday that many have seemed to stop recognizing.  Other than being a special day when we get to indulge in turkey and dressing and an extra day of football, Thanksgiving has lost it meaning to our country.  Commercialism has put limits on it because it is hard to promote a day to give thanks when we have to find a costume for Halloween and the right gift for our loved ones.  What could be sold that would give recognition and remembrance to the blessing we have received?  I understand that many do not want, nor even believe in, a God that showers His followers with goodness, kindness, and love.  But take note of what God has done for us and how much we have done for Home and see which column fills faster.  Our God has done so much for each one of us, yet we cannot even give Him one day of recognition out of a year, much less a week. 

God wrote, and Moses delivered, the Ten Commandments that state, “Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.”  Take one day out of each week for the purpose of being holy and thankful…it is just not right for God to ask so much!  <sarcasm> I have done _______ for God!” </sarcasm>  But have we give our only begotten Son to die for the whole world once and for all?  Have we provided a way to get to Heaven through that Son?  Nothing we do can compare to what God has already done and does each day.

Also, please thank a veteran on November 11th.  That is Veterans Day and without them giving of their time to serve this country, we would be in much trouble.

Praying Always,

Brother Doug

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