November Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

November is here.  With this month we begin to see more and more ads about Christmas and the countdown to Christmas day.  But let us not forget about the Thanksgiving holidays and what they stand for in the meantime.

We are so fortunate to live in this great country where we can worship as we please and we are not persecuted for our beliefs.  We may be mocked and made fun of but at least we are not killed because of how we believe or because we carry a Bible in our hands.  We can still have a copy of God’s Word with us and we can still pray wen we feel the need.  Our rights are still protected in this country and we must remember to be thankful to God for it.

On November 11th, please observe the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted churches.  Consider the sacrifices that ohters in other lands are making to spread the Gospel.

Also, do not forget that November 11th is the collection day for the Operation Christmas Child gift boxes.  Both of these are ways that we can take part in the International mission field.

Things are happening at Iola Missionary and praise God for those activities.  But remember that when anything good begins to happen in churches, Satan is always there to cause a stir.  Pray for the mission efforts of God’s church that we call IMBC and ask Him to guard us against Satan’s attacks.

When I see the love of God in the people on Sundays, I know that we will be successful in our outreach programs.

Praying for You Always,

Brother Doug

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