November’s Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

The elections are upon us!  As a citizen of the United States it is extremely important that we take part in every aspect of citizenship this great country offers.  As a pastor in this land, it is my duty to encourage you to vote.  Most of you understand this and are planning or maybe have already voted.  For those who have not voted and are trying to decide which candidate to check, let me exhort you to pray first, seek God’s guidance, and then push the button.  It is important for us to vote for the person that God would have running this country.  As a Christian and pastor of this church I would never tell you that you must vote the way I do.  It is your right to vote as you see fit, but I would encourage you to, once again, pray first, seek God’s wisdom and guidance, and then vote your conscience.

On a different subject, but still God’s business, Sunday School has been on my heart lately.  I recently previewed a study entitled “Sunday School Done Right”.  Sunday School has always been one of the great mission tools of Southern Baptist churches.  In these classes is where Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is carried out.  Preaching the gospel, teaching the ways of Christ, and ministering to the saints takes place during Sunday School.  It is a very important part of church missions and as members of IMBC, Gods wants us to be there (Hebrews 10:25).  With this in mind, I invite each of you to attend Sunday School each Sunday morning and receive a blessing from God.

Praying Always,

Bro. Doug

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