October Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Friends and Family:

God is so good.  For the past few Sundays we have been having over 70 in Sunday School.  Our morning worship services have been full, our evening services are going well, and our youth are about to burst out of their classroom.  This is an exciting time to be a member of Iola Missionary Baptist Church.

We can praise God for the new additions to our membership.  We will baptize again on October 5th.  What a beautiful picture the ordinance of baptism portrays for the witness of a Christian.  The physical representation of the death, burial, and resurrection to new life of the soul of a person is inspiring.

This inspiration should cause us to remember that we are to give God praise and not hold anything from Him.  When we hold back on our praise to God then we quench the Spirit, as Paul relates in I Thessalonians 5:18-18.  When we quench the Spirit then we interrupt our communion with the very One in which we need to be in contact.  AS we remember what God has done for us every day of our lives from our birth, then we will be as Psalm 71:6 says in continuous praise.

I pray that God will bless each of you with His measures of abundance and hope to see each of you on Sunday.

Praying always,

Brother Doug

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