November 2013’s Event Calendar

November 8th – Youth 5th Quarter after the football game (in the high school gym) November 10th – Veteran’s Day Recognition November 10th – Business Meeting, 5 PM November 16th – Clothes Closet and Food Bank November 17th – Men’s [Read more...]

October Schedule

October 4th - 5th Quarter after the Iola HS football game at the Community Center October 11th - 5th Quarter after the Iola HS football game at the High School Gym October 20th - Men's Breakfast at 8 AM October 31st - Fall Festival and Halloween [Read more...]

September Calendar

September 8th - Business Meeting September 13th – 5th Quarter at the Community Center after the HIS football game September 15th – Men’s Breakfast at 8 AM September 20th – 5th Quarter at the HIS gym September 21st – Food Bank and [Read more...]

August Calendar

August 4th- Sheldon Keller August 4th-7th- Pre-teen camp August 8th- Steven Rice August 11th- Business Meeting August 15th- Clint Sowell August 17th- Food Bank/ Clothes Closet August 18th- Mens breakfast/ Doug Jones August 19th- Linda Padron [Read more...]