September’s Letter from the Pastor

Dear Church Family and Friends:

On Wednesday nights, during prayer meetings, we have been going through the book “Men Who Finished Well” by David D. Stevenson. This book covers many of the Bible characters and gives accounts of their lives and how they finished their time on this earth.

It is amazing how so many of the important men of Scripture had a moment or moments in their lives where they were not as close to God as they should have been. They had fallen away, or they had forgotten who they served, but whatever the circumstances, they were not in a good place with God. Yet before their last breath of live, these men had re-evaluated their relationship and re-focused their server to bring about a change and allowed people to see God’s might hand in each of them. It reminds us that “all have sinned, and all fall short of the glory of God”.

No one on this planet has the right to judge another human being because none of us are perfect. We all fail at something, sometime in our existence. Sometimes it is in the beginning stages of line, still other times occur in the middle of our being, and last of all, many of us wait until the end of our time here to make our flubs. We must do as each of the men in this book and repent from our mistakes, reach out to someone for help, and seek forgiveness. We we accomplish this, then we can finish well, also.

Praying Always,

Brother Doug

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