The Journey – Week 12 – Session 1

As we saw last week, Jesus is both fully God and fully human – not 50 percent God and 50 percent human, but 100 percent of both. This unique identity reveals why Jesus is the only Being who could provide salvation for all people, and why it is critical for us to follow Him.
In the late 1800s, scientists and doctors believed that diseases were created by “spontaneous generation.” The idea was that diseases were random acts that popped up spontaneously from skin or the dust and could kill hundreds or even thousands of people.
Because these diseases were random, they couldn’t be predicted or prevented. But a French scientist named Louis Pasteur boldly declared that the medical community had it all wrong. He claimed that there was an invisible world that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.
This world was a world of micro-organisms, which could float through the air, attach themselves to food, be passed from person to person, or sit on contaminated objects and carry disease.
Immediately those who believed the research started washing their hands, separating the sick from the healthy, and covering their mouths when they coughed. But others scoffed at Pasteur’s idea. The very thought that there was an unseen world that was causing the problems of illness and death seemed strange.
But today, we know that Pasteur was right, and his groundbreaking research in “germ theory” paved the way for vaccines that have saved millions of lives.
In a similar way, the Bible tells us that we have an unseen problem. We see the effects of this problem every day. We live in a world of crime, abuse, disease, promiscuity, rage, violence, and deceit. But while these things are bad in and of themselves, they are only symptoms of a deeper problem – a soul sickness!
This soul sickness (sin and selfishness) causes brokenness in our relationships on earth and brokenness in our relationship with God.
This week we are going to discover that Jesus came to earth to solve our problem. He came to heal our soul sickness. He came to restore people back to one another and back to God.
What are some ways people try to solve this “soul sickness”?
Bro. Tim