The Journey – Week 13 – Session 1

If you truly know Christ, you did not merely stumble into your faith. You were intentionally sought out and called by Jesus to follow Him.
In 2006, the small upstart company Odeo was struggling to stay alive. Just as it was about to launch a new product, Apple, Inc. came out with iTunes, which included a robust podcast component. Odeo was dead before it even had a chance to truly live.
With only a handful of employees, the company’s founder Noah Glass started day-long brainstorming sessions, trying to reinvent itself. In one session, Jack Dorsey, a web designer and one of the first employees of Odeo, had a new idea. Along with Glass, the two dreamed of a product that would allow a person to send a 140-character text message to multiple people at one time. Twitter was born.
So how does it work? Twitter is an online presence for individuals and companies to easily send information – called “tweets” – to their followers. This information can be anything from a humorous quote, to a link, to an interesting blog, to an advertisement for the latest product or service, as long as it’s within the 140-character limit. A user is then able to control what information they see based on who they choose to follow. They are also able to encourage other users to follow them.
Jesus’ favorite invitation was simply, “Follow Me.” He invited people from all backgrounds, walks of life, and ages to be His followers. In just a few years, His followers were multiplying around the globe.
But following Jesus is different than being a “follower” on Twitter. Following Jesus changes everything – your life and your world.
Read Matthew 4:18-22.
Respond to this question – Are you still preparing your net or are you ready to leave the boat?
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim