The Journey – Week 14 – Session 2

Part of following Jesus is developing the priorities of Jesus. When you look carefully at His life, Jesus had both upward and outward priorities.
Two upward priorities anchored Jesus’ life. First, Jesus made the Word of God a priority. He saturated His heart and mind with the Scriptures. At the age of 12, Jesus’ parents found Him in the temple discussing Scriptures with the religious leaders. When Jesus was tempted, He resisted by quoting God’s Word. Jesus often quoted and referred to biblical stories, never diminishing but always exalting the authority of the Word.
Second, Jesus made prayer a priority. Jesus also lived his life saturated in prayer to His Father. He prayed over every major event. He prayed at His baptism. He prayed as He chose the Twelve. He prayed during busy seasons of ministry. He prayed when He was grieving. He prayed when He was hurting. His last physical act on earth was to pray from the cross.
Three outward priorities were dominant in Jesus’ life. First, Jesus made obedience to the Father a priority. There was never a time when Jesus resisted or pulled aside from doing what His Father told Him to do. He lived a life of obedience, even when it meant suffering and death.
Second, Jesus made love a priority. Jesus loved people in a deep and profound way. Jesus loved His parents, His disciples, the outcast and oppressed, even those who rejected and criticized Him.
Finally, Jesus made investing in people a priority. He drew large crowds, but His priority was training a few disciples who would change the world.
I encourage you to reach out to someone and share the priorities of Jesus you are learning. Talk about what priorities need to change in your life in order to begin to walk as Jesus walked.
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim