The Journey – Week 18 – Session 2

The following is just a sample of what we are learning on Wednesday nights at Iola Missionary Baptist Church. We are covering some key doctrines that a follower of Jesus must know and embrace. The last two weeks, we have addressed the doctrine of God and the doctrine of humanity.
While every human being is created in dignity, our dignity was quickly marred by “depravity.” Depravity simply means that sin has grossly distorted the image of God in the heart and life of every human being. Our lives have been corrupted by disobedience to God and selfishness.
Sin is like a virus that has infected every person. Sin is a global epidemic. While God created human beings as “good” and with the wonderful capacity to know Him, enjoy Him, serve Him, and love Him, sin distorted who we are. People are now depraved. We are corrupt morally, and we are wayward toward God.
The result of our sin is separation from God in this life and a Divine judgment for our sin in eternal life. There is nothing we can do to change ourselves or save ourselves. Only SOMEONE from outside of this sinful world can save us.
That SOMEONE is JESUS CHRIST – The only perfectly righteous One – Who came to this earth and lived the perfect life that I could not live – Who paid the penalty, once and for all, for the world’s sin – Who was raised triumphantly over sin and death – And Who will someday come back to this earth, to restore those who put our faith in Him and the world itself back to its perfection!
Praise God that He provided this SOMEONE that we so desperately needed!
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim