The Journey – Week 7 – Session 2

Monday, we shared about encountering Jesus in a way that truly has changed our lives. This was certainly the case with both Philip and Nathanael. I encourage you to re-read John 1:43-51.
Notice that Philip responded to his encounter with Jesus by immediately seeking out the people he cared about and telling them about Jesus. He wanted them to have a similar encounter, and so he proclaimed the good news without shame or hesitation. He was transformed into a witness for Jesus seemingly in an instant.
Don’t miss that. Too often Christians feel like they need to become “mature” before they can start sharing the gospel message. Too many disciples remain silent about their encounters with Jesus because they don’t want to be seen as weird, or they don’t want to impose on the time and beliefs of others.
The truth is that when we experience something that changes our lives for the better, we almost can’t stop sharing the news. That’s our natural reaction when we encounter something (or Someone) that brings us joy.
Nathanael was also changed by his encounter with Jesus. When he was first told about Jesus, he was skeptical and a little sarcastic. But after meeting Jesus face-to-face, he responded with genuine worship. His behavior changed after responding to Jesus’ call.
Of course, this was just the beginning of their spiritual transformation. Both Philip and Nathanael walked with Jesus for years before His death and resurrection. Afterward, they served faithfully in the early church and, according to church tradition, were eventually martyred for their faith in Christ. Throughout their lives, they continued to grow and mature as disciples of Jesus. The same should be true of us.
Again, this question is worthy of careful thought – Just how has my life been changed by a personal encounter with Jesus?
Love you guys!
Bro. Tim