The Journey – Week 8 – Session 2

Dear Church Family,
Join us tonight for dinner at 6 PM. Then, we will gather for a time of Bible study at 6:30 PM on the topic: “Disciples Learn From and Obey Jesus.”
If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who was constantly checking his or her phone, then you know how frustrating it can be to have half of a person’s attention. Honestly, having half of someone’s attention feels like having none of it.
Do you think God ever feels that way about us? Is it possible He says, “I’m willing to teach you, but you are …
Consumed by your job. Distracted by stress. Pursuing pleasure. Ignoring My Word.
The posture of our lives will tell God whether we really want to hear what He has to say. Matthew 5:1-2 teaches us that true disciples position themselves to hear from God. They structure their lives so that when God speaks, they are ready to listen and respond.
Let me ratchet this up some – Disciples of Jesus know it is not enough to simply “want” His truth. THEY GO AFTER IT!! They sacrifice for it! Receiving truth from God is NOT a passive experience. To learn from Jesus is to actively bend your life around what matters most.
Yes, listening to a sermon every week or attending a weekly Bible study are great. But disciples learn and grow by making small choices each day – sometimes each hour – to actively trust Jesus and listen for His voice.
How will you make daily or hourly choices to actively trust Jesus and listen for His voice?