Fwd: Be Sure! 40 Days of Assurance – Day 22

Be Sure! 40 Days of Assurance – Day 22

Be Sure – Day 22!

Yesterday, we heard the truth that God answers prayer. The more our prayers are answered, the more we will approach prayer passionately.

One way we can be sure that our prayers are answered is when our prayers are according to the will of God.

God is committed to answering prayers that are consistent with His plan and purpose. We cannot miss God’s will when we pray according to His Word.

I am so thankful that God’s will (His plan and purpose) is spelt out throughout the Scriptures. His promises to us are found within His Word.

This is why we must spend time knowing the Word of God. Once we know what the Word of God says concerning any area of our lives, we can stand on that Word to bring our petitions to God.


Carry this thought today – I PRAY GOD’S WORD!

Bro. Tim Owens – Pastor