Sanctuary Expansion, Youth, Fellowship Building Projects

Pray for and with our church, as we prepare ourselves for the exponential growth in the number of people who are relocating to the north Grimes County area; In turn this directly affects the growth of our church and missions. We are preparing for this growth.

God is blessing IMBC with a growing congregation. Now, even more we want to come to Jesus and experience a life of following after Him.

Brother Tim Owens, Pastor

2024 Newest Concepts Drawings updated 07-21-2024 are below:

Concept Images from 07-21-2024 are in the slideshow above and shown individually below:
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Comments, Questions and Ideas are welcome for 30 days as of July, 21, 2024!

Beginning of the process below as of Feb 2024 and earlier:

The image below is the existing structure.

Newest “Approved” Structure and Floor Plans / Options Below:

Feb. 15th-20th 2024 – Posting Drawings and Options under discussion:

Below are from February 20th 2024’s Posting: