Mission Team

Dear Church Family, I just want to give you a huge "thank you" for all the support you have shown toward our Romanian mission team and effort. You have gone way above and beyond to help make this effort truly God blessed. We go in His strength. [Read more...]

Filling My Life With the Eternal

Dear Church Family, Every day this week, I am hearing that incredible invitation from God: "Come, buy from Me. Eat My bread. Drink My beverage. Sit at My table. Partake of My buffet - not the world's but Mine. Come and let ME fill you!" (Paraphrase [Read more...]

Wednesday Night’s Bible Study

Dear Church Family, Amazing time Wednesday night learning who the Holy Spirit is - He is a Person; He is God; and He is Truth - and what the Holy Spirit does - He facilitates our salvation; and He produces our transformation into Jesus. What was [Read more...]