Be Sure! 40 Days of Assurance – Day 29

Be Sure! 40 Days of Assurance – Day 29

Be Sure – Day 29!

Yesterday, our message was on the topic, “Be Sure You Love the Right Things.” This week I want to send you daily some thoughts on how we can love God supremely.

Let’s start with two simple actions. First, begin your day with prayer – thanking God for another day and asking for guidance to cope with the ups and downs that are sure to come.

Second, commit to reaching one Christian book per month. There are wonderful book lists that can help guide you in the right direction as you pursue a more solid relationship with Jesus. Our church library would be an excellent place to secure some of the most current Christian books.

Carry this thought today – GOD, YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO ME!

Bro. Tim Owens – Pastor