Be Sure! 40 Days of Assurance – Day 30

Be Sure! 40 Days of Assurance – Day 30

Be Sure – Day 30!

This week, we are thinking about how we can deepen our love-relationship with God. Yesterday, I shared two actions. Today, here are two more actions that will stimulate your love for God.

One, pray throughout your day. Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your minds on things above, not only earthly things.”

Don’t just pray in the morning. Be sure to make an intentional effort to interact with God and to ask for His guidance as you journey through the day. When problems do arise, talk to God before reacting to the problem. This will help you build patience as you continually put Him first when encountering different situations.

Two, take every struggle to God. There is no set time frame for when prayer is appropriate. By far, God is the best guide when it comes to navigating tough decisions. He is always there. You simply need to ask!

Carry this thought today – LORD, I ALWAYS NEED YOU.

Bro. Tim Owens – Pastor