Filling My Life With the Eternal

Dear Church Family, Every day this week, I am hearing that incredible invitation from God: "Come, buy from Me. Eat My bread. Drink My beverage. Sit at My table. Partake of My buffet - not the world's but Mine. Come and let ME fill you!" (Paraphrase [Read more...]

Wednesday Night’s Bible Study

Dear Church Family, Amazing time Wednesday night learning who the Holy Spirit is - He is a Person; He is God; and He is Truth - and what the Holy Spirit does - He facilitates our salvation; and He produces our transformation into Jesus. What was [Read more...]

Sunday Morning at IMBC

Dear Church Family, Sunday morning, I will begin preaching from the book of Ecclesiastes. God gave us this book to remind us that anything associated with our five senses - hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching - is ultimately [Read more...]